Legon, Let’s Talk It Out! The Maybelline Safe Space Virtual Talk Comes On This Saturday April 30

Some of our most challenging moments come to us in school; trying to navigate University life, academics and generally being independent often places an invisible weight on our shoulders. 

During these moments, we try to find a safe space where we can share with our peers and connect in a moment of vulnerability without fear, judgment or embarrassment. 

This is the mission Maybelline New York, the globally successful makeup brand has taken up, to create a freeing environment for young women in university especially, that will allow them to talk openly and gain mindful insights from mental health experts as they go through their university life. 

The Maybelline Safe Space Virtual Talk Legon Edition, comes off on Saturday, April 30th at 11am. The virtual event will feature psychologist, Dr. Irene Appiah of the Brain and Mind Medical Centre, as she joins 100s of ladies from the University of Ghana in an open and calm conversation about mental health and the challenges with it while in school. 

The event will cover entry topics about dealing with the stress of school, independence and more. 

You can register for FREE at this link:


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