KNUST: Over 2000 Students Face Deferment Over Inability To Pay School Fees

New reaching indicates that over 2000 students have been deferred due to a late payment of fees for the academic year.

The broadcast message sent to these students read:

WhatsApp Image

Students who have not paid more than 70% of the academic fees have to sadly defer their courses. In a recent tweet put out by KNUST Live on Twitter, Michael Abuah at the State of SRC address made a statement that they would be providing financial assistance to students with genuine financial constraints. This begs the question; What has changed now? Why are such a large number of students facing deferment of courses due to their inability to pay more than 70% of the academic fees?

Do you think, in this recent economic climate, the decision to defer such a large number of students a good one? Leave your comments below.



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