The E-Levy Bill Has Finally Passed And Ghanaians Are Pissed: Here’s What Twitter Has To Say

Ghana cedi notes
Ghana Cedi notes via Graphiconline

The general sentiment over the e-levy bill since it was first introduced to the public last year has been resistance. However, not even the protests of the masses online could stop the bill from passing. Today, even after the minority staged a walk-out in parliament, the e-levy bill finally passed and is currently awaiting presidential assent. Here is the public’s reaction to monumental legislation.

The Bill Passed On The President’s Birthday? Hmm…

Big Big W For The Armed Robbers

One Of The Main Reasons The Bill Is Being Opposed Is That Nothing Is Going To Change

This Video Is The Funniest Thing That You’re Going To See All Day

Well Apparently, For Some This Is A Good Day

This Person Here Has A Word For All Those Celebrating The E-Levy Passing

The Black Stars Are Just A Distraction?? 😂😂

The Most Interesting Tuesday In The History Of Tuesdays

Nah. This Actually Hurts When You Deep It

Some People Are Extremely Disappointed

And As Usual Other People Use Jokes As A Coping Mechanism



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