Get A Recommendation During NSS To Increase Your Chances Of Landing A Job After Service: 4 Things You Need To Know First

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“References Available on Request” is one of the outdated things that job seekers still put on their CVs. When you do this, you end up taking space on your CV for something that is better omitted in the first place. A lot of employers will hire without checking your references, and even those that do try to check may be unable to reach your references when they need to.

If you have a good track-record and were counting on your references to put in a good word for you and help you get the job, that ends up not being able to happen. That’s why you should get recommendation letters from your bosses and supervisors whenever you can. Recommendation letters are letters that you can collect and keep and they can be huge pluses when you’re applying for a role. Here are 4 things you need to know about getting that recommendation.

Ask In Advance

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You should have a recommendation letter from your boss even if you’re not planning on making substantial career moves. However, if you need a recommendation letter because you plan on making a career change, ask a good number of months in advance. That way, your boss has enough time to reflect on your work and craft their letter. Giving your boss a couple of days to write a letter like this can result in them refusing to write the letter or rushing the letter.

Find The Right Time To Ask

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It is also important that you find the right time to ask for a letter of recommendation. If you ask during a period when there is a general sense of busyness , it’ll be putting unnecessary pressure on your boss.

Ask Politely

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A recommendation letter is a professional favor. As a result, you should be self-aware when asking for one. Ask for the letter in person if possible. If it’s not possible to ask in person, you can also send an email asking for the letter.

Find The Right People To Write Your Recommendation Letter

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When you’re looking to ask for a recommendation letter, you need to ask people who recognize your work. You ask the people that you work closely with, and the people that you have good professional relationships with.



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