5 Uncomfortable Experiences You Can Relate To If You’re “The Bad Friend”

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We’ve all been here at one point or another; where you’re the “bad” friend. All that usually means is that sometimes life happens and you aren’t able to focus as much on maintaining your friendships. You forget to check in, forget to reply to messages and even dodge calls sometimes. If you’ve ever been in that position then here are some things that you’re going to be able to relate to.

“You’ve Dawged Me” Texts

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When people don’t hear from you for a while, the next logical step is to send a “ei, you’ve dawged me text.” That can be uncomfortable to receive, but if you had been better at keeping your relationships, you would not have gotten that text in the first place.

Wanting To Call And Then Not Calling

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You know that feeling where you really want to talk to someone and you really do want to call, but you don’t? Usually, you end up not calling because you don’t feel you have the energy to keep up with an extended phone conversation. So you tell yourself that you’ll later, and by the time you realize, two weeks have passed.

5 Million Questions On Your Social Media Posts

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If you’re not the best at keeping your relationships, then the comments to your social media posts are usually going to be from people who are just surprised that you’re alive. All the people that you’ve ghosted and left on read are going to use your posts as a way to reach out to you.

Watching Your Phone Ring

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A really bad habit that makes it difficult to maintain relationships is watching your phone ring because you don’t want to answer. You tell yourself that you’re going to call back and by the time that you remember to, you feel that it’s too late. So then you simply don’t.

Just A Lot Of Petty Lies

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When you suck at keeping in touch, you end up telling a lot of petty lies. “Oh I was going to call,” “I traveled,” and just other lame excuses for why you haven’t been reaching out.

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