Need To End A Relationship Urgently? Here Are 6 Creative Breakup Lines Straight From The Streets

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It’s funny that you can be so into a person one minute then want nothing to do with them the next minute. It sucks but you have to understand that people break up all the time. Things can’t always work out. However, the way that breakups happen, especially in Ghana is far from natural. Here are some of the crazy and absolutely hilarious ways that Ghanaians end things with their partners.

My Pastor Told Me To Break Up With You

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It’s not news that we live in a very spiritual place. But I can’t be the only one that thinks that it’s a little weird ending things with someone because your pastor said so.

My Friends Don’t Like You

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Your friends liking your partner is important for a relationship to thrive. And when that happens … awesome. However, your friends’ approval shouldn’t be the only reason that you’re with a person.

I’m Not Ready To Start Anything Serious

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It’s irresponsible to lead someone up to a point and then decide that you don’t want anything serious. If you’re breaking up with a person, chances are that things are already pretty serious.

I Think We Should Take A Break

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Asking for a break when you’re with someone is selfish. If you want to end things, do that. But don’t ask someone to have certain expectations about the future while also giving you the freedom to be with other people; all the while avoiding accountability.


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While a lot of people will agree that ghosting is the easiest way to end a relationship, it can also be one of the most painful. If you care about a person that you’ve been with, an honest conversation is a better way of showing that, than just disappearing completely.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

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And then there’s this one. It sounds so profound but it actually means close to nothing. Just a convenient excuse to get out of a relationship when you don’t want to do the work to address whatever issue you’re actually leaving because of.



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