Keep My Wife’s Name Out You F**King Mouth: Social Media Reacts To Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock At The Oscars

Image via @FlyoutChase on Twitter

If you haven’t been online at all this past weekend going into this morning then you are missing out on what is one of the biggest events on social media in 2022. This past weekend was the Oscars. And if you live under a rock, the Oscars (also known as the Academy Awards) is the movie award event. It’s basically the Grammys for actors and filmmakers.

What happened this week at the Oscars has got the entire internet talking and for good reason. If you still have no idea what we’re talking about. Here’s all the context that you’re going to need before you get on the internet this morning.

All The Context You Need Before You Hop On The Internet

Here’s A Different Angle If You Missed It

And One More 😂

Some People Think That Chris Rock’s Joke Just Went Too Far

Do Events Actually Justify That Slap?

We Can All Agree Chris Rock Handled That Well. Here’s What A Less Gracious Person Would Have Done

Both Zendaya and Zoe Kravitz? Nah, Chris Rock Is The Most Professional Professional On The Planet–MlNsA

Jaden Smith Has Joined The Chat. Oh Wait– Jaden Smith Has Left The Chat

There’s Already A Skit 😭😭

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For, The Celebrity Reactions–MlNsA

Beyoncé??? 😂😂😂

Not Zendaya Sending Tom Holland The Sauce

What do you think about the slap? Feel free to leave a comment on any of our social media posts.



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