Get On The Hype Train: Here Is What Twitter Is Saying About The Ghana Vs Nigeria Match Today!!

Image with the flags of Ghana and Nigeria

It’s that time again!! The World Cup qualifiers are here and the excitement is already in the air. If you’ve been on Twitter lately then you can tell that tensions are already rising. Everyone’s favourite West African rivals are about to go -to-toe with each other yet again; although this time it’s on the football pitch instead of in the kitchen. Here’s the buzz on the internet about the Ghana/Nigeria match later today.

Put Everything On The Black Stars, Mr. President!!

Oh Ye Of Little Faith 😂😂

So What You’re Saying Is Ghana For The Win

The Nigerians Are Here And You Can Tell They’re Obviously Delusional

Doubting Thomases Everywhere

It Always Comes Down To Asamoah Gyan’s Penalty, Doesn’t It?

We’re Going All The Way This Year. Mark It

You Know It’s Going To Be Lit In Kumasi Today

The Beef Is About To Be Revived

One Thing That We Can All Agree On Is That This Clash Of Titans Happened Way Too Soon



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