Being An Adult Is A Scam: 7 Things They Don’t Tell You

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Compared to being adult, the years before can actually be called the soft life. If you’ve been looking forward to becoming an adult then we’re sorry to have to be the ones to break the news to you. This adulthood thing is actually a scam, and here are all the things that people conveniently don’t tell you about becoming an adult.

No Money Gets Out Alive

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How is this even possible? You follow all the financial gurus, you do all the salary math that they tell you to, and you keep making resolutions to save. But somehow, you’re still always broke. If we knew as kids, maybe we would have taken saving more seriously.

Married With Kids At 25? What A Joke

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It’s not uncommon for some people to plan out their entire lives. You tell yourself that by the time that you’re 25 you’ll be married about to have your first kid. Lmao.

The Responsibilities. Oh So Many Responsibilities

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When you’re a kid and want to be treated like an adult, everyone has an issue. But now all of a sudden, every one has decided that you have become an adult overnight and need some responsibilities.

You Might Never Get Enough Sleep Again

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One of the perks of being an adult is that no one is going to tell you what time to be asleep by. But all that freedom can be toxic. You end up staying up late for no reason and then complain about how bad you feel in the morning. Just aweosme.

Unemployment Comes For Most Of Us For A Period

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As a kid, you probably pictured all the vacations that you would take with the money that you made from your fancy job. Sadly, not even the stories of unemployment can prepare you for unemployment.

So Much Unnecessary Heartbreak

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Another thing that nobody tells you is part of the adulting deal is the heartbreaks. Like is this even necessary? Isn’t life in Ghana hard enough already?

You End Up Losing Friendships

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Becoming an adult is a journey, and not everyone can come on that journey with you. Okay, generic quotes aside, it’s unfortunate, but growing up means that things happen and you lose people along the way.



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