5 Ways That Cash Stresses Ghanaian Students And Adults Differently

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When you’re a student, the way that you approach money is different from when you start working, and earning for yourself. You just start seeing things differently when you’re working for your own money.

You Worry About Entirely Different Things

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Student: When you’re a student, apart from your studies you’re only worried about the next fun thing that you’re going to spend your money on. Especially, the next link up with your squad.

As An Adult: You constantly have to worry about rent, provisions, utilities and all that. You also have to do some math before you can just buy chicken if you have cravings.

Your Entire Attitude Towards Spending Is Different

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Student: When you’re a student, you take the expression go for broke literally. You spend till you can’t send anymore.

As An Adult: You realize that there’s actually rice at home, and that place you wanted to go with your friends? Well, eno really need like that.

Even Where The Money Comes From Changes

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Student: When you’re a student, you get “donations” from uncles and aunties. And in addition to that, your parents give you a stipend for your upkeep. There’s also the occasional scams that you use to get something extra from your parents.

As An Adult: However, when you’re an adult, you get your money from your employer. And guess what? You … have to work for it. Can you believe that?

How You React To Credit Alerts Is Different

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Student: When you’re a student, the only thing that you feel when you get a credit alert is excitement. You just can’t wait to go and blow that money.

As An Adult: When you’re an adult though, credit alerts just aren’t as exciting. And that’s because, even when you get random money, it already has some purpose. There’s always something that you have to take care of.

As You Graduate So Do The Responsibilities

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Student: When you’re a student, your only responsibility is taking care of yourself. If you don’t go out much, you should be okay with money.

As An Adult: When you’re a working adult though, there are so many things that you have to do when you get money. You have to send something to your grandparents, girlfriend, that person who prayed for you when you were going to SHS; just everyone, really.

What do you think is different about the way that you spend your money now that you’re working? Drop a comment below.

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