Twitter Shares Controversial Opinions On Graduate Who Turns Down A 2,500 Cedi Job

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

The latest conversation making waves on the streets of Twitter is a controversial discussion about a fresh graduate who turned down a job offer that was going to be paying GHC2,500 because according to them, the job was too far from where they lived. Here’s the original tweet that sparked the conversation, for some context:

Now that you understand what’s happening. Here’s why there’s a controversy. Some people think that a graduate turning down a job such as this, can only be called lazy.

Apparently A Lot Of People Just Refuse To Put In The Work

Turning Down A Job Offer Can Only Be From A Place Of Privilege

On The Other Hand. Some People Are Suggesting Not Jumping Straight To Calling This Graduate Lazy

Were There Real Reasons To Reject This Job Offer, After All?

Some People Believe It’s The Company That Should Be Catching Heat

Is A Job Offer Not A Favour To The Candidate?

All Other Things Aside GHC2,500 Definitely Is Attractive Compensation For A New Graduate

In The End, However, To Each Their Own. Everyone Should Take Decisions That They Believe Are Best For Them

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