Stop Dreaming About That Dream Job And Make It Happen With One Letter

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You know what a Cover Letter is; that’s the document that you send attached with your CV when you’re applying for an open position. Now, a Letter of Interest (the letter that could help you land your dream job) might have the similar content to a Cover Letter. However, they are not the same thing.

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When you’re applying for a position, your Cover Letter is the way that you introduce yourself briefly to employers. That happens even before they take a look at your CV. A Letter of Interest, on the other hand, you can send at anytime. Whether or not a company is hiring, sending a good Letter of Interest will allow you to get on the company’s radar.

It’s a way of introducing yourself to a company you’re interested in and seeing about the possibility of employment with them. For this reason, the Letter of Interest is also sometimes referred to as a Letter of Inquiry.

This 3-Minute Video From Vacancies in Ghana Describes The Proper Steps To Take When Approaching A Letter Of Interest

Have you ever sent a letter of interest? Do you think you might consider sending one to a company that you’re interested in? Let us know in the comments below. Send in any questions that you have as well.

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