Meet Daniella Okai: The Youngest Hotel Manageress In Ghana

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Still coasting of the energy of celebrating impressive women this month, here’s a woman that can only be defined as a pacesetter. Although that expression gets some use, you’ll soon realize that in Daniella Okai’s case it’s nothing short of accurate.

Daniella Okai is a Ghanaian entrepreneur, an international affairs analyst, and the general manager for Palma Hotel Spintex. At age 27, she’s already been pointed out as Ghana’s youngest hotel general manager.

Though she started out as a mixologist and owner of Fruitdaze Mobile Bar while pursuing her first degree as a Political Science Researcher and Business Development, she quickly rose up the ranks in her slice of the hospitality sector.

It is no surprise that her resilience, hard work, and dedication came to play when she was made restaurant manager. After just 2 months, she was promoted again to the general manager position of the hotel. Palma Hotel Spintex is a 3-star hotel located on Spintex road, opposite ICGC Calvary Temple.

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Palma hotel boasts 43 executive rooms and suites, 2 conference room facilities that take 100 and 400 people. There’s also a restaurant that serves local and continental dishes every day and offers an intimate experience. Palma Hotel also has a buffet services every Sunday.

She runs the hotel on a customer-centric theme and is set to make it a household name by the following year. Daniella is passionate about hospitality and international alliance and hopes to be a positive example for the discouraged.



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