Ghanaian Youth Share Their ‘I For Lef Ghana’ Moments And You’re In For A Ride

Man with Ghana Flag. Credit: Kalyjay

If you’re a Ghanaian youth doing the adulting thing, or even you’re still in school preparing to come and do the adulting thing, then chances are that at one point or another the thought has crossed your mind that, ‘I for lef this country.’ Youth on Twitter share the exact moment when it really hit for them that they have to get out of this country.

Is This Where We Move Comes From?

Don’t Think You Can Make This Shit Up

😂😂 Every Dey Take Mind Dey Walk

This Guy Is Obviously An Amateur To These Streets

If You’ve Never Done The Math, Realize How Heartbreaking This Actually Is

Even At The National Level, Is Our First Instinct Always To Pray Our Problems Away?

The State Of Healthcare In This Country Is Actually Very Scary

Wow. So This Is The Life Our Parents Dreamed Of For Us?

Ghanaians Are Never Letting This One Go 😂

That’s Some Dedication To The Job, But Yeah He For Lef Ghana

Cue Extremely Inappropriate Joke In Ghanaian Office

If Even An MP Can’t Get A Hospital Bed, What Chance Do Mere Mortals Stand?

Sometimes It’s The Little Things That Are The Most Frustrating

Have you had that moment yet, that ‘I for lef Ghana moment?’ Share with us in the comments below.



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