Introverted And Single? Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Haven’t Found Love Yet

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Everyone knows that introverts really do be introverting sometimes. That means that sometimes we can get stuck in unhealthy patterns. If you’re looking for reasons why you’re still single as an introvert then some of these habits that you have might be the reason for it.

You’re Too Comfortable Being Alone

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People are great. There’s no doubt about that. And spending time with people is awesome. Yes. Yes, that’s all true but people are also exhausting. And if you’re an introvert there’s some relief that comes with not having to be talking to someone all the time. Just make sure that you’re not too comfortable spending too much time with yourself.

You Want A Deep Meaningful Connection

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Most introverts are looking for deep meaningful connections. However, they’re also impatient to get to that point. They want that connection to be instant, which just doesn’t happen in real life. In order to build that sort of connection with someone, sometimes it takes a lot of time and mundane conversations filled with small talk and all those petty things that introverts are not enthusiastic about.

You Care Too Much What Other People Think

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Every person feels the effect of other people’s judgement. We’re social creatures. We care what other people think. For introverts though, that fear of being judged by others can affect their actions and they way that they relate with other people. In addition to that, an introvert will more likely take a rejection more personally. And they won’t see it as an issue of being incompatible even if that’s really not the case. Everybody isn’t for everyone. It’s that simple.

You Have Unrealistic Expectations

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Introverts spend a lot of time in their heads. And as a result, you might have an idea of what you want your ideal partner to be like. You might also have had a past relationship that you want new relationships to be like. But that’s not fair to other people. When you’re going into the dating scene, you need to meter your expectations. Everyone has something genuinely interesting about them. You just need to stop forcing comparisons on people and look for that thing instead.

You Assume You Know What You’re Going To Like

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Introverts usually know themselves very well. As a result, they think that they know the things that they like and the things that they don’t. You shouldn’t do that when it comes to people. People tend to be very layered, and even if you think that someone isn’t your “type,” giving them a real chance might help you to discover otherwise.

You’re Kind Of Weird

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A lot of introverts are a little weird. We live in our own world at times and we can be out of touch with reality. However, being weird is not a bad thing. Finding someone who is also weird, or who finds your quirkiness attractive is really satisfying.

Are you introverted? Why do you think you’re still single?



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