The Batman Has The Best Opening Of Any Batman Movie And That’s Not All! A Short Review

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If you haven’t seen The Batman yet and you’re a comic book movie fan, then there’s only one thing that we can say to you: ‘get your ass to the cinema as soon as possible.’ The Batman is easily a top contender for the best Batman movie of all time. Even if you don’t think it deserves that spot after watching the movie you won’t be able to deny that it’s definitely up there as one of the greats.

It Has The Best Opening Of Any Batman Movie

Just the first 5 minutes of The Batman are enough to get any fan immediately hooked and hyped for the rest of the movie. The movie’s introduction paints a picture of Gotham that you might be familiar with but it’s done so masterfully that by the time that the Bat Signal lights up the sky for the first time you’re already on the edge of your seat.

We Don’t Relive The Death Of Bruce And Martha Wayne

One thing that most iterations of the Batman do when a new movie series starts is that we’re shown how Bruce lost his parents. At this point, you can’t even count the number of times that poor Martha Wayne has had to die on screen. We bet there are even fans that know the number of pearls on her pearl necklace.

Catwoman Is A Gem In This Movie

As far as Batman love interests go on the big screen Zoë Kravitz is going down in the history books. The chemistry between Batman and Catwoman easily gets you invested in their relationship and the all the shenanigans that they get into.

The Soundtrack Is Everything

Whether it’s the movie’s opening, or Batman’s theme when he gets dressed to go kick some ass, the soundtrack for the movie is always on point. In fact, it’s so good that you’re probably going to look for the soundtrack album on your favourite streaming service when you’re done watching the movie.

Robert Pattinson Is The Batman You Didn’t Know You Deserved

After Twilight, there were a lot of people who doubted that Robert Pattinson would make a good Batman. It only takes a minute of seeing the character on screen to know that this casting was magic. The minute he says the iconic line from the trailers ‘I am Vengeance,’ it’s all going to click for you.



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