Stop Being A Bum And Get Shit Done: 6 Hacks To Beat Procrastination

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You know how sometimes you think you can be president if you just get yourself out of bed and get the things you’re supposed to get done done? We all chale. However, procrastinating is just so much easier and comfortable. If you agree then you need to get your life together. Here are 6 tips to help you kill procrastination in your life.

Write Things Down!

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One the things that can stop you from being productive is being scatter-brained. You know that there’s a lot you have to do, but even organizing those things in your mind is hard. And that makes it easier to tell yourself that you’ll do it later. So, write everything down. Write down all the tasks that you have to do. That way you don’t miss anything, and it’s easier to find a place to start.

Separate Urgent Tasks From Important Tasks

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When you have a lot on your plate, prioritizing the things you have to do can make it easier to get started. When you prioritize, you don’t feel like you have to do everything at once. You can separate your tasks into important and urgent. Urgent tasks usually need to be done as soon as possible, and important tasks also need to be done, but those can wait a little longer.

Reduce Your Commitments

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Another reason why you may be procrastinating is because there’s too much on your plate. When that happens it can be tough to gather the motivation to even start. Which is why you should learn to reduce your commitments. Don’t promise to do things when you are already overwhelmed.

Focus On One Thing At A Time

When you’re multi-tasking, it can feel like you are getting so much more done so much more quickly. However, multi-tasking is actually not making you more productive. In fact, mono-tasking can increase your output by 2-5x if you are focusing on one task without distraction.

Achieve Something

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Another big motivator for procrastinators—and everyone else, really—is getting things done. It feels good to complete things. And the more that you finish, the more driven you are to start and finish something else. So, no matter how small a task is, once you start, try to finish it before you move on to something else.

Stop Being A Perfectionist

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Sometimes people tell themselves that they are waiting for some things to align before they begin a task. This is especially true for creatives who usually won’t start a project until they feel that they have everything that they need to make it perfect. Stop being a perfectionist. If there’s something that you have to do, start it, and then address any problems as they arise.



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