6 Emails Sing-Offs That You Absolutely Shouldn’t Use During Your National Service

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There are a lot of Dos and Don’ts when it comes to email etiquette, and how you sign off is one of them. Signing off with a bad email sign-off can make you seem unprofessional, or even make the recipient not want to reply to your email. Here are all the don’t that you want to avoid when you’re sending emails during your national service.

Don’t Use: Love

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You shouldn’t end an email with the sign-off Love because if you love someone, you would probably do anything other than email them. In a professional environment, this should never end your email.

Don’t Use: Thx Or Rgrds

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Yeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh … don’t do it. If you would rather be texting, go do that.

Don’t Use: Take Care

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Take Care is too personal for business emails. In addition to that, it can also come off as condescending depending on who you’re talking to.

Don’t Use: Looking Forward To Hearing From You

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This sounds polite and all, but at the same time it’s a passive-aggressive way for asking for a reply back. It’s especially bad if the subject of your mail is a uncomfortable for the other person.

Don’t Use: Yours Truly

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First of all, this is a lie!! Are you theirs? Secondly, this ends up sounding personal no matter the context. It’s fine if you’re writing to family, but with business emails, go with something a little less personal.

Don’t Use: Sent From My iPhone

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Don’t sign off your emails with Sent from my iPhone, or Sent from Blue Mail or anything of that sort. If you end an email like this, you’re going to create the impression that you don’t care enough to delete the signature of whatever app it is that you’re using.

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