Create Social Media-Ready Content With The HUAWEI Nova 8i

The truth is that all young people want to be able to take great photos. We all have the potential in us, and we’re constantly exposed to brilliant holiday snaps, artistic shots and perfectly captured moments on social media. Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok or any number of new social media platforms, there are always new and exciting ways to share our best photos with friends and family.

But nobody wants to see dull, mediocre photos – you’ve got to stand out and show your identity. But can you keep up with the latest trends? What’s the best new phone camera on the market? How to create impressive content to wow your followers? This can be a strange phenomenon for the older generation, but fortunately companies like Huawei understand what matters to young people.

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Huawei’s latest series of smartphones introduced us to the HUAWEI nova 8i. Boasting a 64MP AI Quad Camera, HUAWEI nova 8i is powered by a large capacity 4300mAh battery and lightning-fast 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge charging, all packed into a stylish build, finished with a sleek 6.67” HUAWEI Edgeless Display. HUAWEI nova 8i was made to inspire, some say that’s what the “i” stands for especially in terms of photography. Let’s dive into the camera features to show you what’s on offer.

AI Quad Camera Setup

When it comes to the camera, HUAWEI nova 8i doesn’t hold back. The AI Quad Camera matrix is built to support you with any shot, allowing you to take advantage of four different cameras to suit your angle, lighting and the size and distance of the subject. In addition to the 64MP High-Resolution Camera, you get 8MP Ultra-Wide Angle, 2MP Depth and 2MP Macro cameras, so you’ve got a whole camera bag-full of equipment in one hand.

Shoot Clearer With HIGH-RES Mode

With the powerful 64MP High-Resolution Camera on HUAWEI nova 8i, you can snap any fleeting moments in crisp detail. As it packs an incredible 1/1.7-inch sensor, the camera ensures enough light intake, which translates to better low-light photography, less blur, crisper definition and stronger colours.

Ready-To-Share Portraits

Portrait mode with AI Beauty feature helps you capture those soft, heartfelt portraits of loved ones. You can also try out the Aperture mode to add dreamy bokeh effects to your pictures! Either way, the HUAWEI nova 8i can set your photos apart from the rest.

Never Stop Experimenting

You can capture up-close subjects like delicate plates of food or vibrant cocktails with the 2MP Macro Camera and, when the time comes to escaping the city, take in sweeping mountain vistas with the 8MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera. With the right tools at your disposal, there’s really no limit to your artistic inspiration.

That goes for videography as well as photography. As if Full HD 1080P recording wasn’t enough, HUAWEI nova 8i supports some impressive tricks to give your photos and videos a pinch of the unexpected.

For instance, the time-lapse feature, a style once considered exclusive to professional photographers, is supported on both the front and rear cameras, and allows you capture mesmerizing landscape imagery as the clouds dance across the sky or the sun sets in a blaze of colour. If landscapes aren’t your thing, you could also use it to record your 30-minute dance practice and condense it into a short video to share with friends on TiKTok.

When paired with some of Huawei’s TWS earbuds, like the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i, the video recording process is made even freer, ensuring crystal clear audio to your vlogs and video content.

Perfecting Your Night Photography

Capturing truly spectacular night-time photos isn’t easy. Hanging out with friends in a restaurant at night or enjoying a memorable evening of the city skyline views, you might want to capture the moment and make it last forever. HUAWEI nova 8i boasts of Huawei’s built-in noise-reducing algorithm to simplify the process and upgrade your results. It also allows you to easily capture gorgeous night scenes in the handheld Night Mode.

So what’s the catch? With all these impressive hardware and software features, there’s no doubt that HUAWEI nova 8i is an ideal camera phone for users of all skill levels. But in fact, it goes just one step further. Although photography and video-recording are some of the most taxing activities to run down your battery, the HUAWEI nova 8i allows you to stay out on the road taking pictures all day long, thanks its 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge support and the long battery life.

What’s more, the smartphone gives you a storage of 128GB to store your favourite pictures. There is nothing standing between you and your imagination with the HUAWEI nova 8i!



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