5 Ways You Can Tell They’re Interested In You Over Text

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We all know how texting goes when you’re talking to a Ghanaian woman. There is a 0% chance that they’re just going to come out and tell you that they’re interested in you. Instead, they’ll drop all the appropriate signs and leave it up to you to do the interpreting. Here are 5 ways that you can tell that a Ghanaian man/woman is interested in you.

They Ask About Your Day Or What You’re Up To

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If they’re constantly asking about what you’re up to then you would have to be quite dense not to realize that they’re into you.

They Send You Photos Or Videos Of Themselves

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There are few signs of someone being attracted to you as them sending you randoms whenever they can. If they’re blowing up your phone with the results of their latest selfie session then chances are that they’re very interested in you.

They Use Lots Of Emoticons And Stickers

If they’re interested in you their messages to you are usually going to contain a lot of emoticons and stickers. You have to know they’re into you when you say something that’s not even that funny and get a whole paragraph of laughing emojis in response.

They Initiate Conversations With You

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Constantly texting first is another tell-tale sign that someone is really into you. If they’re texting first as much or even more than you, then it’s safe to assume that the feeling is mutual.

They Reply To Your Messages Quickly

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If their response time to messages from you is always 0.001 seconds or in that range then you have to realize that they’re down bad.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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