5 Ghanaian YouTube Channels That Are The Perfect Distraction When You’re Stressed


Ghanaian creators have been raising the bar lately. You can easily find some Ghanaian creators that you’re going to fall in love with when you go on YouTube. Being as generous as we are, we’re going to make that as easy for you as possible. Here are some Ghanaian YouTube channels that we’ve gathered that consistently put out A+ content.

1. Joseph Nti

Joseph Nti is home to documentaries, conversations on current and trending topics and what is probably the most entertaining game show series on a Ghanaian YouTube channel. You’re going to love the channel, especially the ‘Off The Top’ series. Here’s a random from the channel. Click here to check out the entire channel.

2. The Gnashing Guide

This channel’s creator wrote a book called The Gnashing Guide which is supposed to help people get comfortable having fun. The channel focuses on content that you’re going to love if you aren’t too confident or are just trying to build your confidence up. It’s an entertaining self-help channel. Click here to check it out. And this is a random from the channel.

3. Kwadwo Sheldon

If you’re looking for entertaining celebrity content, there are few channels that are as good as this one. The channel frequently has celebrity guests, takes on current affairs and some pretty awesome amateur vs pro rap battles. The Channel has some controversial takes, but it’s definitely entertaining. Click here to go to the channels. And there’s a video from the channel that you can watch below.

4. Take It To The Max

The videos on the TITTM blog are split into Vlogs, which see the YouTuber in ordinary scenarios or just up to something weird in a fun way. The other content on the channel is what you should 100% subscribe for; she interviews her favourite creatives from all around the world. Those videos have some of the most conversations. Click here to subscribe to the channel, and there’s a random below.

5. Kuulpeeps

And of course, Kuulpeeps’ YouTube channel. Our channel has a lot of youth-targeted entertainment content. You are going to love our shows like ‘Ready, Steady, Slay’ if you’re fashion inclined, and our ‘Naughty Corner’ where some people share their often funny sexual preferences. We’ve also got some A+ celebrity content that you’re 100% going to want to check out.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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