The Dark Side Of Social Media: 4 Ways That Social Media Is Ruining People’s Lives

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Most of us grew with the internet and personal devices or get our first devices when we were still very young. As a result, we might not be aware of the negative effects that social media has on our lives. Some of the things that we see as normal when we’ve actively integrated social media into our lives is actually making things worse than they need to be.

It Gives People A Negative View Of Themselves

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People get negative views of themselves if they are constantly comparing their own lives to the things that they see on social media. People tend to take things that they see online at face value forgetting that when they go to post things online themselves they curate their posts so that only the best parts end up showing.

It Can Be Addictive

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We’ve all had periods when we wake up and the first thing that we do is reach for our phones to see what’s happening online. Social media is so addictive and people can spend too much time on it instead of interacting with people face-to-face.

It Can Be A Way To Bully Others

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There are some people that will tell you that they don’t even post online anymore because any time that they do they are attacked by strangers online. The relative anonymity that social media provides makes it easy for people to post mean comments or photos about other people.

It Can Be A Way To Spread Rumours And Lies

It can be a way to share personal information that people may not want others to see. These days people find details of their personal lives being shared by other people online. Social media isn’t strictly regulated so people it’s easy to spread rumours and lies about people and hurt their reputations.



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