10 Study Tips For University Students Now That Lecturers Are Back From Strike

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The strike is finally over and the reactions coming in are mixed. The studios students are just happy that they can get their lives back on track and wrap up another school year. And of course, the rest us are still in shock that our perfect year’s so far are about to be wrecked by school work. Well, it can’t be helped, but here are 10 study tips to ensure that you don’t fail the semester.

1. Attend All Of Your Classes

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2. Take Comprehensive Notes

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3. Review Your Notes Regularly

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4. Form A Study Group With Classmates

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5. Participate In Online Forums And Discussion Boards Related To Your Coursework

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6. Attend Campus Study Sessions And Workshops

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7. Stay Organized And Keep Track Of Deadlines

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8. Make A Study Schedule And Stick To It

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9. Get Plenty Of Rest And Exercise

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10. Take Breaks And Allow Yourself Time To Relax


SOURCE: study.com


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