Students Share Their Views On Whether The Problem Is With The Education System Or The Teachers

University of Ghana students at lectures. Photo credit: UG.EDU.GH

When you hear about strike after strike in the news you begin to ask yourself where the problem lies. How do you even go about your education when it seems everything has been designed to fail you. Kuulpeeps took to Instagram to gather some of the thoughts of students being affected by the current education crisis. Here are some of the students’ feelings on whether the education system itself is broken or whether teachers are the problem.

Is It Really Teachers’ Fault When They’re Underpaid?

Our Teachers Aren’t Being Given The Best Conditions To Allow Them To Deliver

So Where Do We Go From Here?

You Can’t Underestimate The Role Of Money In This Conversation

Some People Believe There Is Core Problem With What Is Being Taught

Ghanaian Students Do Be Chewing A Lot

Teach Us To Do Things Instead Of Memorizing Words

Give Them The Conditions They’re Asking For, And Stand Aside And Watch Them Deliver

To Sum Up, If You’re A Ghanaian Student …

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