Respectfully: A Message From The Youth To The Government Of Ghana

Man with Ghana Flag. Credit: Kalyjay

It’s no secret that discontent with the government is growing among the pubic. As prices go up, the citizenry tries to find it’s footing, and then prices go up again. Public opinion of the government is at an all time low and people have started raising their voices, speaking out against the increasingly harsh conditions of living. Here are some of the messages that the Ghanaian youth has for the government, respectfully.

Fuel Prices Go Up, Transportation Fares Go Up And Everything Else Follows

The Youth Has Zero Belief In The Government Infrastructure

In Some People’s Opinion, Politics Come Before The Welfare Of The People

Are We Not Entitled To Some Accountability?

Social Media Is The Only Place Where You Can Have Someone Threatening The Government With Gifs 😂

We Are Being Battered From Every Direction. New Prices, New Taxes, Same Salary. Where Does It End?

Mr. President, The Youth Is Fed Up

Sensitive Language But Here Is The Bottled Down Sentiment Of The Youth

We Dey Hong!

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