65 Years On: Has Ghana Failed As A Country? The Youth Answers

Independence Arch, Accra (image via Flickr)

Independence day is only a couple of days away so of course some people are feeling patriotic. Some people on the other hand are using this an opportunity to reflect and are realizing that Ghana has fallen short of what it could be. 65 years and here is what Ghanaians online think about whether or not Ghana has failed as a country.

The Education System Is Failing The Youth

Someone Made A Mistake With This Person’s Location 😂

Well At Least We Have The Black Stars. Wait, Has This Guy Watched A Ghana Match Recently?

Here’s The Dose Of Optimism That We All Need

Some People Believe We’ve Come Too Far With Not Enough To Show For It

We Make Jokes About Corruption But Ghanaians Everywhere Are Hurt By The Government’s Mismanagement

We Have Fallen Short

Some Students Are Not Too Happy With The Way We’re Being Taught In The Country

At Least We Have Peace

Apparently, We All Have A Role In Building Mother Ghana Back Up

We Import Toothpicks 65 Years After Independence. So Ego Be?

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