Twitter Reacts To Ghanaian Refugees Refusing Their Flights Back To Ghana


In a surprising turn of events, the first batch of Ghanaian refugees from Romania arrived in Accra this morning. 17 refugees in total arrived, however, 6 refugees refused to leave Romania even thought their flights had already been paid for. Here are some of the Twitter reactions to the choice of those 6 people to stay back in Romania.

Some People Think This Decision Reflects The State Of The Country

Are Things Really That Bad Back In The Motherland?

Here’s Another Point Of View. Don’t Ask To Be Evacuated If You Aren’t Going To Come

When You Send A Child To Buy You Yoghurt And They Come Back Without The Yoghurt

The Country Cast Ooo

They Wanted Out of Ukraine Not In To Ghana

There Are People Walking The Streets Around You With This Same Agenda In Mind



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