Creative Ways That You Can Make Money As An Artist in Ghana

Tiffany Alfonseca, Yo Soy La Que Mando (Detail), 2020. Courtesy of the artist and Gallery 1957

The biggest reason why some people’s parents are apprehensive when they tell them that they want to make art is because they feel that there isn’t enough money to be made. Ghanaians are very talented artists and we also do love the arts but that usually doesn’t translate into us patronizing art. Here are 3 ways that you can make money as an artist in Ghana anyway.

Make Money Through Commissions

One of the main ways that you can make money as an artist in Ghana is through commissions. If you have a social media audience, you can post online that you’re accepting art requests and commissions for cash. The people who follow your art or are on your page will likely be very interested in getting personalized pieces for themselves.

You Can Make Money By Selling Prints

Another way that you can make money as an artist is by selling prints with your art. Selling prints like t-shirts, mugs and printed canvases are also a great way to earn. An online service that you can use to start making and selling prints from the comfort of your home is

Host An Exhibition Event

History Of Ghana Art Exhibition by Ghanaian Artist ArtSoul Kojo Image via Jesse Ababio(SelormJae)

Finally, you can make money through your art by hosting collaborative events with other artists. Putting on an art show by yourself can be expensive, but by collaborating with other artists, musicians, food vendors and other types of creatives, you can create an event that everyone will want to attend. Then you can charge for attendance while also selling some of your pieces at the event.



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