Here’s How Going Commando Can Help Prevent Vaginal Infections

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Freedom! According to experts, freeing yourself from the uncomfortable shackles of underwear for longer periods of time can be very helpful in protecting you from vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis. It turns out that letting the bits breathe is more helpful than confining them in underwear. If you were looking for a sign to ditch your underwear, let this be your 13th reason.

If you’re going commando, keep in mind that you should definitely combine the practice with regular showers.

Take a look at how beneficial going commando is to helping you combat vaginal infections.

Lowers your chances of getting yeast infections.

Candida, the bacteria that causes yeast infections, survives excellently in warm, humid areas on the body. Wearing tight and unbreathable fabrics in underwear tends to easily creat this environment for bacteria to thrive in. Nonetheless, if you aare not fully comfortable going commando, make sure you wear cotton and loose fitting underwear.

Can aid in the reduction of vaginal odor and irritation.

When moisture and heat are trapped in the genital area by underwear, the genital area can begin to have stronger odors. Going commando allows your sweat to escape to keep odors to a minimal and prevent chafing that is exacerbated by moisture.

Shields your vulva from injury.

The labia outside of your vagina of very delicate tissue making it easily susceptible to being chafed and irritated by tight underwear putting you at a larger risk of injury, bleeding and infection. Losing your underwear, especially if you’re wearing loose-fitting clothing, can significantly minimize or eliminate the risk of chafing or harm.



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