Ghanaian Neighbours Dey Stress Pass. Here’s The Proof

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As recent events have shown, having a bad neighbour can make or break your peace. When it comes to Ghanaian neighbours things are no different. Who you end up living next to is going to decide the whether your home becomes the place where you’ll find peace or whether you’re going to be living in a constant of conflict and misery.

When They Start Borrowing Things

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There’s a reason that some people don’t get too friendly with their neighbours. You’ll just be trying to have a cordial relationship and the next thing you know your neighbours think that you’re best friends and they start with the borrowing. Of course, we all know how Ghanaians borrowing things goes. If you don’t go and ask for whatever they’ve borrowed back then it’s as good as saying you’re leaving it to them.

When You’re Going Out And They Add Their Own Errands

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Another reason why you shouldn’t be getting too friendly with your Ghanaian neighbours. Every time that you make the mistake of letting them see you go out, they’ll just come and pile on with errands of their own with no regard for whatever plans you had before.

When You’ve Just Finished Cooking And They Come And Visit

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This is the third warning that we’re giving you not to be too friendly with your neighbours. If your Ghanaian neighbours come over to visit and something smells good, you can trust that they’re going to mention it. And being as Ghanaian as they are, they aren’t going to just come out and ask you for food. It’s just going to be passive aggressive maneuvers until you’re sharing your food. “Ei something smell so nice in your house.”

When They Start Throwing Parties

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As Ghanaians we have a lot of traditional parties fixed into our culture. Whenever there is a major milestone in any Ghanaians life they will throw a party. You know what that means. There will be canopies lined up until they have stretched onto the streets. And as if that’s not enough the speakers are going to be loud enough that you’ll hate the MC asking for money almost as much as the people that were actually invited to the party.



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