5 Unexpected Hacks That Will Help You Finish A Book

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It’s actually very easy to start reading a new book. That’s not where most people get stuck. Where most people get stuck is actually following through and finishing a book that they have started reading. Here are 5 unexpected hacks that will help you finish books this year.

Throw The Book You’re Reading Away Or Delete It

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There’s no point in reading a book you don’t enjoy. Life is too short. If you’ve started a book and you realize that it’s not for you just cut it short and stop wasting your time. When you find a book that you actually like, it is so much easier to complete it. You can even use a website like Goodreads to find out if you’ll like a book before you even start reading it.

Make Time For It

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You don’t have to set aside hours at a time to read your book. No matter how slowly you read, you will still get to the end your book if you’re consistent. If you can only set aside 10 minutes a day to read it’s better than forcing yourself to read for an hour, getting burnt out and not reading a single page for the rest of the month. Just make sure to get a highlighter so it’s easier to pick up where you left off.

Take The Book To The Toilet

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Yes, it’s disgusting but don’t you sit there and pretend that you don’t already take your phone to the washroom. This time instead of taking your phone take the book that you’re reading instead and you’re sure to cover a couple of pages while you have some me-time.

Find Your Reading Time Of The Day

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Figure out which time of the day that you prefer reading. It could be while eating breakfast in the morning, or it could be at night before you go to bed. Whichever time that it is, once you start reading during that time daily, you make the habit stick.

Make Sure That You’re Comfortable, And Snacks Help Too!

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Another thing that can really get you immersed in a book is being comfortable. You don’t want to break whatever flow that you get into. So, bring a snack to your reading area, get some pillows, background music and whatever else that you might need to get comfortable.

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