5 Interview Tips For Current National Service Personnel

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If you’re currently doing your NSS then one of the main things that’s going to stay on your mind is whether or not you’re going to be retained after your service is over, and what comes next. A good rule of thumb is to start applying for jobs during your national service while being open with your employer. Some companies might excuse you earlier than they’re supposed to but before all of that you’re going to need to ace your interview.

Show Excitement About The Position

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Companies are looking for people that are actually looking forward to joining the team. Candidates can get intimidated during an interview, and come off as stiff and uninterested. You may just want to appear professional and give your answers. However, so does everyone else. If you are excited about the role, show it! Ask the questions that are on your mind. Express your thoughts about the role, about the company culture, and why you are enthusiastic to be a part of all that.

Don’t Wait For The Interviewer’s Questions

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During an interview, it’s common practice to wait until you’re asked a question before answering. However, sometimes an interviewer asks a question, and you can tell where their interest is and what they’re trying to figure out. In these situations, you don’t have to wait for them to spell it out. You can share without waiting for them to ask explicitly. This will demonstrate your communication and critical thinking skills. It will also make the interview go smoother.

Don’t Give Text Book Answers

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You know, whatever questions that you are asked in an interview, other candidates have probably been asked the same questions. You don’t want to throw buzzwords around that you think they want to hear. Other candidates will be doing the same thing. Instead, you want to personalize your responses. Your answers should draw from your previous experiences.

Show Your Value

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Another way to stand out from the other candidates at an interview is to show your interviewer your value. You want to prove that you have value instead of just saying that you do. Talk about the goals that you have accomplished in your life. Talk about the goals that you have accomplished, and try to quantify them as much as possible. If you contributed to increasing sales at a previous job, say so. If during your national service, you helped speed up certain tasks around the office, mention it.

Turn The Interview Into A Conversation

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You don’t want to just be one-sidedly saying answers that you have rehearsed. You should try to make your interview more interactive, and make it feel more like a conversation. Sometimes, your interviewer will pass a light comment, or even try to make a joke. This is just them trying to connect on a personal level as well. Even if that isn’t the case, you should ask them questions have a back and forth. Chat with them and try to learn about them and the company, even as they are also trying to learn about you and how you will fit into the company.

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