4 Reasons Why You’re Not Hearing Back After Applying For Jobs That You Want

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The most stressful part of job searching is the lack of communication. You’ll apply for positions and you won’t even hear anything back. Above all, you don’t even get the closure that comes with a rejection. Not hearing back about a job that you were interested in is definitely going to suck, but if you know why, it sucks a little less. Here are four reasons why you don’t hear back from companies after submitting your application.

You Really Aren’t Qualified For Role

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It can be a hard thing to accept. However, sometimes you can’t get a job based on how hard you’re willing to work in the role. Those jobs that require some technical expertise will actually require you to have the expertise. Similarly, some jobs may require more years of experience than you have. You can’t have zero experience in a role and expect to get a job that requires 3 to 5 years of experience. It is a good idea to apply for jobs you’re not qualified for but you should still try to set your targets more realistically.

You Don’t Have Certain Keywords On Your CV

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Most job listings will tell you the skill requirements that you will need for the job. Not listing those requirements on your CV will get you passed over for the role. This is why you need to customize your CV for each job application. Tailoring your CV to a particular application means that you check the job listing for the required skills and reframe your skills to match those. Sometimes CVs are passed through software before they’re even looked at, and not having the right keywords means that your CV won’t make it through.

Your CV Doesn’t Match Your Online Profile

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These days, hiring managers will do some background research on social media when considering applicants for a role. You should make sure that your LinkedIn profile is always up to date. And it shouldn’t have information that conflicts with what is on your CV. Inconsistencies between your online profiles and your CV will harm your credibility and you won’t get a call.

There Were Too Many Applications And Yours Didn’t Come Early Enough

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This is just unfortunate but sometimes you won’t get a call back because there were too many applications for a particular role. Therefore, it is a good idea to be frequent on the job sites that you use. Put in your application early when jobs are posted. Some websites will even let you turn on notifications for job postings.

If you don’t get a callback, don’t let it get you down too much. Keep searching, and keep applying for roles that interest you.

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