Check Out Some Extremely Affordable Hair Pomades And Oils For Growing Your Natural Hair

We all struggle with getting our natural hair to grow. The relationship black women have with their hair is one that is always filled with love and hate. The best thing to do is to stay on a routine and find the best oils that will help you reach your hair goals. Today, we came to help you with the latter.

Shea Butter

What Does Shea Butter Do for Your Skin?

Shea butter is the very first thing that all-natural hair lovers should have in their corner. It’s especially potent in its raw form, is inexpensive, and keeps hair glossy, moisturized and shining. You can get raw or scented butter from hair shops and on the market. Be sure to moisturize your hair with water and leave in conditioner before you seal with shea butter. 

Virgin Fertilizer

Virgin Hair Fertilizer | Jada's Luxury Beauty Supply

Do you want your hair to grow quickly? Virgin fertilizer cream is all you need. It has a relaxing, somewhat minty feel on your scalp. It relieves irritated scalps while also making hair look thicker and lighter. Rub a dime sized amount of the cream on your scalp, massage it in and you’re good to go!

Sulfur 8

Sulfur8 may be a bit pricey on the Ghanaian market but it is totally worth every pesewa. It helps with curing dandruff and treating scalp ringworm, as well as fostering a healthy scalp.

Sulfur 8 Hair & Scalp Conditioner 2 oz - Afro Cosmetic Shop


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