Achimota School Had The Best Fortune In This Weekend’s Epic Fortune Alumni Cooking Contest

This weekend saw one of the most competitive high school competitions since last year’s NSMQ. The Fortune Alumni Contest sponsored by Fortune Rice pitted 10 high school alumni teams against each other in an epic rice cook-off. The contest featured various rice meals that had the battle arena smelling like a hungry person’s daydream.

The competition for culinary supremacy ended in Achimota school’s victory, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Here are the complete highlights from this weekend’s Alumni Cooking Contest.

The Opening Address From The Man, The MC, Abeiku Santana Himself

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After the arrival of the various alumni teams, the MC who can bring any and all events to life, Abeiku Santana gave the opening address to get the crowd just hyped enough for the culinary spectacle that was about to ensue.

Jama Ooo Jama!

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In case we didn’t mention, this was not a friendly competition, and of course, nothing captures the spirit of high school competition like Jama! An intense Jama session from Accra Poly’s Okpo group got the various schools’ alumni teams heated up. That’s when our MC himself grabbed the mic one more time to introduce the various alumni teams.

The Cooking Competition Starts!

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Finally, things got critical for all schools involved. Everyone donned their chef hat and put those chemistry skills they picked up in their high school to use. While the alumni teams cooked their various meals, the audience was allowed to sample some Fortune rice dishes and play various games including Oware, Ludu and other fan favourites.

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Of course, there was a DJ present at the function to keep things lively and keep everyone’s excitement levels up. MC of the event, Abeiku Santana also went around the event, interacting with the crowd and keeping things fun for everyone. Well, everyone but our alumni chefs who could feel the heat in kitchen as they carried their school’s reputations on their backs.

Finally, It Was Time For The Judges To Start Tasting The Meals

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After the various meals were prepared, including some hits like Jollof Rice, Anguamo, Vegetable Rice with Sauce and many other prominent entries, it was time for the judges to go round and taste what everyone was putting out. Our judges for the event were Chef Henry, Mukasechic and Ekow McLean. Brand managers and our MC tasted the food as well.

After a lot of head-racking, quantum calculations and deliberation, our judges finally decided that there could only be one winner. That winner was Achimota School!



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