Neymar: The Perfect Chaos, And 5 Other Documentaries That Are More Exciting Than You’re Ready For

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Whatever idea you have in your mind of what a documentary is, prepare to have your whole world view shaken. Who said documentaries have to be boring, or that they have to put you to sleep. This list of documentaries subverts all those stereotypes that you’re used to. Here is a list of truly exciting documentaries that will be the highlight of your week.

Neymar: The Perfect Chaos

If you’re a fan of beautiful football then you’re a fan of Neymar Jr. This documentary follows Neymar’s journey from childhood fan of the sport to becoming one of the best players to ever play it professionally.

The Last Dance

Even if you’re too young to have seen Michael Jordan play, there is no doubt that you know his name. The Last Dance is a documentary that follows one of the most iconic players and one of the most iconic teams (The Chicago Bulls) to ever play the sport.

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma is a documentary that will make you think about a lot of things that you currently take for granted. The Social Dilemma will actually make you examine the role that social networks play in your life and how you are being manipulated and influenced.

Formula 1: Drive To Survive

Formula 1 is one of the sports that’s at the peak of global sporting competition. This documentary gives you insights into the multibillion-dollar business, and into the lives of drivers and managers of the competition.

Free Solo

As far from boring as it gets, this documentary will have you on the edge of your seat, as one man attempts something no Ghanaian in their right mind would. He attempts to climb El Capitan’s 900-metre vertical rock face at Yosemite National Park.

All Or Nothing

If you want to understand what goes into a premier league season for one of the teams that’s playing, then this documentary is perfect for you. Even if you’re not a fan of Manchester City in particular, as a football fan this documentary will have you on the edge of your seats.



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