4 Money Tips To Turn Things Around If January Is Abusing You Financially

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We’ve all heard the jokes about January being the longest month of the year and that it’s where paychecks and financial plans go to die. If you’re reading this then it’s more than likely that you experienced first-hand the savagery of trying to get through January with the same paycheck that you used for Detty December. If you’ve had a bad month, you can still turn things around next month if you use these 4 hacks.

Review Your Past Budget

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One of the best things you can do for yourself to turn your money situation around is to review the budget that you had for the past month and see where things went wrong. Taking a closer look at your spending will show you all the bad money habits that you need to start doing away with in order to turn things around for your account.

Unlink Your Mobile Money From Your Bank Account

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These days it’s so convenient to access your money with just a few taps. You can instantly go into the deepest depths of your bank account on your phone and pull as much money out as you want to fuel your bad decisions. If you are serious about saving or managing your money then unlink your momo as soon as possible. If you can’t transfer your money to a different account or whatever else you have to. Convenience is the death of savings and good money management.

Switch To A Group Netflix/Spotify/Apple Music Plan


If you’re going solo on any of your streaming subscriptions then you probably deserve the broke-ness that’s following you. Most of the streaming services that you use have family plans that you can get with your friends and split the bill for. It’s an easy way to cut back on some of the money that you’re leaking.

Start Thinking Of Thoughtful Valentine’s Gifts

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Everyone knows that valentine’s is one of the more expensive periods at the beginning of the year. If you’re all coupled up, there’s still a chance for you to save your bank account from taking a bloody combination to the face. Just start thinking of the most thoughtful gifts you can get your person. That way you can deliver on the thought that counts and leave your coins in your account.

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