Reading More This Year? Here Are 4 Amazing Ghanaian Blogs Worth A Follow

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If one of your resolutions for the new year was to read more then this article is definitely for you. Instead of focusing all your reading on trying to finish larger books, you can also follow some blogs for shorter form content that you can read in relatively no time at all. There are some incredible Ghanaian writers with blogs that are filled with amazing literary content no matter what your tastes are. Here are 4 amazing Ghanaian blogs that you should be following if you want to read more this year.

In A World Of Our Own

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In A World Of Our Own is a blog that is run by Welbie, an incredibly creative writer with a talent for incredibly humorous satirical content. The blog is filled with flash fiction stories that leave you hanging on every word and wanting more Ghanaian stories that are perfectly captured in pidgin. If you’re looking for a little light reading, In A World Of Our Own is a great blog to visit.

The Ink Magician’s Blog

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If you’re looking for right combination of depth, humor and social commentary, then this is the perfect blog for you to read. The Ink Magician’s Blog finds that delicate balance between making scathing commentaries on the current social and political climate while still remaining a light, humorous and enjoyable blog to read. The blog also has some hilarious pidgin stories that will leave you on the floor with laughter.


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Kenikodjo is an actual award-winning Ghanaian blog with incredible story series that will have you refreshing the blog’s pages as you wait for new chapters. If you end up visiting the blog and don’t know where to start your reading, Akosua Rona is one of the more recent stories that you’re likely to enjoy.

Letters From This Heart

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If you’re looking for some forward to some reading with more emotional content, then the stories on Letter From This Heart are the exact right fit for you. The stories are all relatable with some more on the sweet and heartwarming side while others are sadder tear-jerkers.



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