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You know that thing they used to say in Game of Thrones, “harmattan is coming.” That was it, right? Anyway, in Ghana when the harmattan comes it’s usually not the most comfortable period for anybody. The cold traps people in bed longer than they should be and wreaks havoc on people’s lips. The point is, if you’re not prepared for harmattan in Ghana, you’re going to be caught off guard and that’s definitely not fun. Here are 5 essentials to help you survive the harmattan season.


The most obvious thing that you need to have with you during the harmattan season is a water. You should always have water on you. That might mean getting a bottle that you can refill. You might not feel particularly thirsty all the time but during the harmattan you can never go wrong with some good old hydration.

Nose Masks

Image of a lady in matching scarf and nose mask. Source: @abadoraa on Instagram

Although most people have gotten comfortable moving around without their nose masks, it’s probably a good to get back into the habit during the driest time of the year. And then there’s also the added bonus that keeping a nose mask on will help you avoid dust and debris flying around in the harmattan air.

Lip Balm

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First of all, gentlemen, lip balm is not gay. So if that’s what’s been holding you back, go ahead and save your poor lips from getting dry and cracked this harmattan season.


Photo by Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels

If there’s a ever a time to be moisturizing and avoiding leaving your skin victim to the elements, it’s during the harmattan season. Don’t ever be caught outside without moisturizing because you’re not only going to get as pale as a ghost, the dryness is also going to be uncomfortable.

Get Some Vitamin C In You

picture credit: vitamin c

During harmattan season, temperatures change from being so cold that you can’t stand it in the morning to becoming unbearably hot in the afternoon. The combination of dust and rapidly changing temperatures is why most people end up with a cold during the harmattan season. Dosing up on Vitamin C is one of the ways that you can keep your health intact.



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