4 Reasons Why You Should Spend Less Money Ordering Food This Year

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Ordering food online can be addictive. Especially when you’re getting good service. If you need help kicking that online-food-buying addiction however, just remember that even the services that you’ve used in the past can just get up and decide that they’re having a bad day and then you’re going get pissed off because of disappointing food, service or both. If that doesn’t help you stay off your food apps, then maybe these 4 points will.

Remember That Delivery To Your Area Is Expensive

If you’re one of those people who lives in an Accra-adjacent are like Kasoa, Oyibi or Oyarifa then you have no business ordering food on Instagram. The delivery costs to these areas alone will match the price of the food that you’re getting or even get close. What would your mother say if she saw how much you were spending on food all the time? Something along the lines of, ‘there’s rice at home,’ no?

The Food Will Delay And You’ll Be Forced To Eat Some Waiting Food

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Have you ever ordered food and then it just took so long to come that somewhere during your wait, you had to eat something else to keep your hunger in check while you waited for your actual food? No one will tell you to go and get some bread to eat when your food it’s been 2 hours 30 minutes since the time that you were supposed to get your food and no one has even called to tell you anything.

Food Always Looks Better In The Pictures

Food banku and tilapia via primenewsghana.com

Sometimes you’ll find pictures of a meal online, with close-ups of all the juicy places and perfect angles to capture all the deliciousness. And then the actual food comes and it’s so far different from what you expected that you were ordering. Save yourself the ‘what I ordered’ vs ‘what I got’ stress, keep your money in your pocket and cook yourself something.

You Have To Direct The Delivery Guy Like You Work At A Call Center

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Now you’ve ordered your food and it’s in the hands of the delivery person who’s bringing it to you. This is when the real work actually begins. This delivery person will call you to ask for directions and then you’re going to tell them where to pass. Here’s the fun part; they’ll just ignore what you tell them and go and pass the shortcut that they know. Now they’re lost and you have to stay on the line and be their GPS because if you don’t then well, you won’t eat.

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