5 Types of Ghanaians That Should Have Their Troski Cards Revoked, Like Now

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Trotro life is the ghetto and we know you have seen it all firsthand. Whether you’re going to the Mall, Accra, Lapaz, or Circle, you can bet on it that certain types of people will occasionally ruin your commute to work or school and we genuinely think that these people should never be allowed to take Troskis.

Here are the five types of Ghanaians that we believe should have their Trotro card taken away from them. Permanently. And we mean it respectfully.

The Chatterbox

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The phone is right by your ear, tell us why you’re shouting, please?

The Manspreaders

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These people are the equivalent of bedsheet hoggers. Let’s not get into gender, but you know those people who sit with their legs wide open? It’s obvious from the name, isn’t it? We are advocating for them to be immediately banned from using troskis, especially small ones. We understand the reasoning behind it, but it’s becoming too much people.

The Dozing Beauty

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The people that can sleep anywhere will never cease to amaze us because why are you looking like a bobblehead sleeping in a Troski on these pothole-filled Accra roads. Are you not embarazzed?

The Peepers

We honestly don’t see why you should be looking at someone’s phone while they text or browse social media unless you share a phone with them. Not everyone is willing to let it go; you may meet your match one day, and it might not be pleasant.

The Problematic Ones

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Okay, don’t argue with us on this. But you already know we’re right. The passengers who are unnecessarily problematic, shouting at the mate from behind you and sending spittle in your trajectory should not even be allowed 6 metres to any Trotro that



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