4 Funny Hacks That Will Help You Finish More Books This Year

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Reading is one of those things that everyone wants to do more of at the beginning of the year. Some people even create schedules and use that to calculate how many books they’re going to read by the end of the year. And then they go through the whole year without finishing the books on their reading list. Hopefully these hacks will help you turn things around this year and actually check books of your reading list.

Create A Reading List

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Hack number one is actually a really simple one. Creating a reading list is the most basic thing you should do if you’re planning to read a couple of books this year. The most important thing when you’re creating your reading list is to only put books on that list that are interesting to you. Reading books is hard, and if you’re not enjoying it what’s the point? Reviews and people’s opinions don’t matter. If you read the back of a book or you even start a book and you don’t like it, just stop and find something that you like better.

Move Your Head Left To Right As You Read

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When you’re reading and you’re actually moving your head from left to right you pick up the lines that you’re reading faster. It’s called the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) and it means you can get through the chapters of your book way faster with a little practice.

Exercise Your Eyes Before Reading

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Here’s another weird hack that’s going to help you get through your books faster this year. Before any of your reading sessions you can improve your effectiveness by exercising your eyes before you even get started.

Use A Pointer When You’re Reading

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

The final hack for improving your reading this year is to use a pointer. Using a pointer on your page will speed up your reading because when you start moving the pointer faster, you read faster in order to keep up with the pointer’s movements.

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