3 Life Changing Tools That Will Help You Stay On Top Of Your Creative Game This Year

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Being a professional creative means that you rely on passion and inspiration more than other less creative job roles. That also means that when you’re not feeling passionate, your work can suffer. However, if you’re a creative we’re here with some life changing tools that will help you stay on top of your creative game this year.

Use Notion For Organizing Everything

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Notion is one of the fastest growing note taking apps in the world, and it is for a good reason. As a creative, Notion lets you take 3 dimensional notes instead of just being a place to put your thoughts. You can create multimedia notes easily by inserting pictures, videos and links easily in your documents. Notion also allows you to create tasks lists that you can share with other people to easily collaborate with other people. As a creative, using Notion will change your entire creative flow for the better.

Use Forest To Help You Stay Focused

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Forest is mobile app that you can get on both iOS and Android to help you stay more focused. Forest is a different type of productivity app than you might be used to. Once you’re in the app, you plant a tree and each tree that you plant requires an amount of focused time to grow. The longer you’re focused on your work and creating the more your tree grows in the app. It’s such a peaceful app that will motivate any creative to stay focused for longer.

Use Pinterest To Find Inspiration

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All creatives are inspired by the world and then they are able to create and put things out in the world to inspire other people too. As a creative having a source of creative inspiration, no matter what field you find yourself in, is important. Pinterest is a platform that allows you to access creative inspiration no matter what creative field you find yourself in. If you ever have a creative block, Pinterest is one of the tools that can help you get out of it.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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