4 Trendy Braid Styles You Should Try Before The First Quarter Of The Year Ends

The ending of 2021 was gracefully marked by new and innovative braiding styles that understood the assignment. These braids are spilling into 2022 and like the knotless style, they’re here to stay. Here’s a little something for the edgy babes and those that keep up with the trends. You saw it here first.

Take a look at the braid styles that are set to trend this year.

Knotless bob with beads

Less time spent in your braider’s chair but definitely a cute look. People with long and thick hair even don’t have to add extensions. The beads are everything. We live for sounds when you flick your hair.

It’s giving nostalgia and reconnecting to your inner child. What are you waiting for?

Heart braids

For some reason, braiding various shapes into the hair has started to become a trend. At first, it was only seen in kids’ braids but they are definitely making a statement and taking their place in the brains industry. There are a lot of variations to it. It’s the versatility for us.

The Fulani +wig mix

We do not mean the Bohemian Knotless y’all. You know the Fulani braids in the front and the curly or straight hair sewed or crocheted into the back? Say less

The Criss Cross Knotless

If you’re looking to try something new and temporary with braids, steering away from cornrows and sticking to rubber band crisis cross knotless braids is your best alternative. Make sure your stylist properly oils the rubber bands before use on your hair to prevent you from losing your edges.

Like we said, you don’t have to tell anybody but you saw it here first.



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