4 Tips To Help You Get Over The Hardest Parts Of Changing Careers

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Changing career fields is one of the most difficult things that you can do in your adult life, and that’s mostly because of the amount of courage it takes to to decide to start over in a whole new field. Actually getting into the new field is only the second hardest part about changing careers. The fist is taking the decision in the first place. And the longer you’ve been at your work, the harder that decision is to make. Here are 4 tips that will help make it easier for you to both decide to change careers and to get into a new career field.

Job Shadowing

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If you’re lucky enough that the new career you’re aiming for is also present at your current work place then job shadowing is how you can get started in the field. That simply means asking your manager to spend some time shadowing people performing the role that you’re aiming for. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the new job and pick up some skills as well.

Figure Out What Your Transferrable Skills Are

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When you’re changing career fields you’re also going to be competing against people who are currently in that new field who are also looking for jobs. Those people will usually have more experience in that field that you will, but one way you can overcome that gap is by focusing on your transferrable skills and unique insights. Transferrable skills are the skills that you learned from your old job that will make you better at your new job than someone who has no prior working experience at all.

Get A Second Degree Or A Post-Graduate Degree

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Once you’ve decided what career path you’re planning to take, it’s a good idea to get a degree or certificate that will get you through the door and eventually into a job in your decided career path. You can start by looking at second-degree and post-graduate programs that are relevant to the career fields that you’re pursuing.

Don’t Be Afraid To Start Over

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The main reason that most people stay in their careers even though they might like to make the switch is because they’re afraid of starting over again from scratch. However, even if it’s uncomfortable in the beginning choosing the career path that you’re most passionate about is likely to be the most fulfilling path.

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