4 Things You Should Know About Dropping A Course Or Picking A Major Right At The Beginning Of The New Semester

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When you’re moving from Level 200 to Level 300 in university, some schools will require you to drop one of your three courses. For some people it’s an easy decision and they just drop the most difficult course that they have to deal with, and for other people it’s more difficult decision. Whichever your case, knowing these 4 things can help you make a better decision about which course you’re going to drop this semester.

Decide If You Want To Write A Long Essay Or Not

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Most people hear ‘long essay’ and run in the opposite direction, but you should know that there are pros and cons of writing a long essay. We all know the long essay is definitely not easy. However, there are some good parts. When you write a long essay you’ll end up with so much more free time and long essays are also easier to get good grades for. If you decide you want to write the long essay then you should pick a single major instead of combining courses.

You Can Get A Tutor If You Want To Pick A Difficult Course

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If you’re afraid of dropping a difficult course even though you think it will make sense to you after school then you can actually opt for some help. Just because the course is difficult doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone. In fact, you probably shouldn’t do it alone. Getting a course TA to tutor you is one of the ways you can get your grades up for any course.

To Keep Doing Some Courses You Need To Get Your Grades Up

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Although most courses give you the option of deciding whether or not you want to keep doing them, other courses will decide for you. Simply put, you’ll get kicked out of some courses if your grades aren’t good enough. It’s a good idea to find out the requirements for all your courses to which ones you need to study more to keep.

Find Out The Courses You’ll Have To Take In Following Years

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If you just can’t decide between your three subjects which one to drop, one thing that can help is learning which courses you’ll be taking under those subjects. Sometimes you’ll find courses that you’re interested in and that can influence your decision on choosing what to study.

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