4 Tips For Landing A Raise At Work This Year

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New year, new salary? If you’re hoping to get a raise at work this year, then we’ve got some news for you. No one is going to give you a raise unless you ask for it. And if you’re going to ask for a raise there are some tips that will help you make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance of getting a ‘yes’ in response.

Do Some Research On What A Competitive Salary Is For Your Position

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The first thing that you want to do when you’re going to ask for a raise at work is find out how much other people in your position are being paid. If you find out that the industry rates for your role are much higher than what you’re being paid at work then you have some leverage to make your ask. Just present the figures to your boss when you go in to ask for a raise.

Go In Prepared For The Ask

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Before you even bring up the raise conversation to your boss you should have already done a decent amount of preparation. Make sure you put down all your major accomplishments and achievements from last year to prove why you’re worth the raise. Did you hit the targets that were set for you? Did you do work outside your job description? Bring all these facts to the meeting where you ask for your raise.

You Have To Choose The Right Time To Make Your Big Ask

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Choosing the right time to ask for your promotion is also important. You definitely don’t want to bring up a promotion to your boss when you’ve just had a project that failed, or when you’ve lost some business for the company. Instead, pick a moment when you’re on a high. Right after a big project or after you’ve had some success is the perfect time to ask your boss for that raise.

Don’t Use A Sob Story

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It’s usually tempting to try and get your boss’ sympathy by telling them why you need more money. Maybe your rent has just gone up or you’re trying to move out of your parents’ house. Whatever personal challenges you’re having in your life aren’t what you want to bring up when you’re asking for your raise. Instead, focus on your professional achievements and competitive salaries to make your case.

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