4 Hacks You Can Use To Resurrect Your Dying GPA This Academic Year

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If last year wasn’t a good a academic year for you (and trust us, you’re not alone in this) then your GPA probably took a dive. However, if you’re still in school, then there’s always a chance to turn things around and raise that GPA to a less embarrassing number. Here are 5 hacks that you can use to resurrect your dying GPA this semester.

Take A Free Elective

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If your GPA is down in the dumps then one thing that you can do to breathe some life into is by taking a free elective. These are course that you can take that are not part of your required credits. At first it might seem like a bad idea to take courses that you don’t have to, but free electives are usually easy to get As in. Some campuses even offer sports courses as free electives.

Change Your Life And Go For Lectures

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Another reason why your GPA might be crying is because you don’t go for lectures. Even though you might have access to lecture slides and all the other reading material if you don’t go for lectures it’s going to be that much harder to pass your courses. Lecturers usually tell students which areas are likely to come in exams and sometimes even how to answer specific examination questions.

Get Friendly With Your Course Mates

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One the great things about the university is that unlike JHS where everyone is trying to pass each other, in university everyone is just trying to help everyone else pass. If you’re not too strong in a particular subject, it’s a good idea to get close to your course mates for that subject. They can help you understand the things that you don’t, help you with assignments and get you in fighting shape for your exams.

Pay One Of Your Course TAs To Tutor You

The final hack for getting your GPA up this semester is probably the most effective one. Talk to one of your course TAs about tutoring you in that course. They will take you through the semester’s syllabus from end to end and because they have more time for you than your lecturers they will make sure that you understand everything before you get to the actual examination.

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