Switching Career Fields This Year? Here Is How To Make Your Current Skills Matter

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Most people assume that switching careers means that you have to start all over from scratch, but that not the case. The skills that you’ve acquired in your current job can come in handy when you’re applying for jobs in different industries. Having a lot of experience in your current role can actually translate to you being the perfect candidate for that new career in a different industry. All you have to do is find which of your skills are transferrable and highlight them on your CV.

Use A Functional CV Format

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When you’re trying to get into a new career field that you have no experience in, your experience can’t be the focus of your CV. Instead, in that case, your CV should highlight the skills that you have that make you qualified for the current role (even if you’ve never been in the current role).

If you don’t know how to create a functional CV, here is a short guide that will help you make one:

How To Create A Functional CV That Highlights Your Skills

Make Sure That You Connect Your Transferrable Skills To The Current Job Opening

Photo by Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels

Even though you’re going to state the skills that you’ve learned in your current job, you also have to make the connection to your new job. You have to tell your new employers how those skills will help you excel at your new role. And usually, coming from a different background will give you a fresh perspective that will make you a good fit for the new role.

Add A Cover Letter To Your Application

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Aside from your CVs, cover letters can also be a good way to make your application more effective when you’re applying for a job outside your current experience. On your cover letter, you can explain why you’re changing careers and also talk about why you’ve chosen that particular company to make your switch. Aside the added bonus of getting your personality across, writing a cover letter also provides important context for hiring managers looking at your application.

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