#InfuencerBootCamp: 5 Feed Tips for Standing Out and Gaining More Followers

For any influencer, aesthetic photos are the best way to keep your followers interested. Because Instagram’s algorithms are constantly changing, the only rule we can follow is consistency.

And with the start of a new year, there’s no better time than now to get serious about your Instagram feed aesthetic. When it comes to spicing up your feed, even the most mundane items have the potential to turn you into a pro fashion influencer. Earring, lipstick, and handbags. Anything at all. The key is to pay attention to the way the photo is taken, the background, and the editing. Downloading from Pinterest may not help you to stand out but these five tips surely will.

We take inspiration from multiple fashion bloggers to bring you the holy grail for taking aesthetic photos for your Instagram feed.

Choose a consistent color scheme.

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When you think about a consistent color scheme, we bet the first person that comes to your mind is Afram Danielle. The keyword here is consistent. When you pick a color scheme, stick with it and make sure it either forms a perfect cube or a rectangle. For each cube, pick one consistent color that you will portray, it could be a white background, the blue sky, or a specific color palette that reflects in your outfits.

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Choose an Instagram theme that fits your brand.

Image via _mawuenam_

Knowing your audience helps you define your brand. Your niche some might say. After defining your brand, the next big step is choosing a theme that complements your brand. Assume your niche is tourism. Maybe post a mountain trip followed by a beach trip. You can also categorize based on countries, seasons, or regions. Try nature, wildlife, beaches, resorts, and so on, offering each section a unique theme. Veering away from your niche just makes your feed look cluttered.

Use a Feed Planner.

Image via diuto.ajoku on Instagram

Preview is a great app to help you plan your feed. It basically helps you figure out how your Instagram would look without you posting on your actual feed. You can move photos around, add captions as well as schedule posts right from the app. That is if you have linked your actual Instagram profile to the app. Feed planners will be your best friends if you’re an influencer that is forgetful.

Imagee via zubaidah.x

Edit your images.

To make sure you do not forget the settings you use to edit your pictures, you can save it as a preset. Basic rule: Use Lightroom, it makes your work way easier. You can download free preset packs or buy them if you have the money. if you’re planning to do influencing for the long term, Lightroom or any other great editing apps should be on your phone.

Source: Kuulpeep.com


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